Marketing & Customer Experience

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Organizations that are better at marketing benefit from accelerated revenue growth, improved customer experience, audience expansion, and high levels of organizational efficiency. Supported by a set of powerful, interlinked technologies, the modern marketing organization sits at the center of an organization’s digital transformation agenda. Marketing and customer experience are now so closely intertwined that it is forcing organizations to challenge old ways of working.

To realize the promise offered by modern marketing and customer experience technologies and practices, organizations need to develop new ways of working and, in many cases, embark on a marketing transformation journey. Whether you are looking to rebuild your marketing and customer experience strategy from scratch or just looking to refine your approach, we can help. We offer consulting & advisory service offerings in the following areas:

  • Marketing Strategy Transformation —Are you realizing the benefits of modern marketing? Do you need to build a new marketing vision and strategy?
  • Marketing Technology—Is your organization successfully selecting, adopting, and utilizing marketing technology? Do you want to maximize your MarTech investment?
  • Customer Experience—Is your organization focused on improving customer experience?  Do you want to focus more on customers?
  • Marketing Playbooks & Workshops— Could your organization benefit from a strategic marketing playbook?
  • Marketing Audits—Could you benefit from the independent audit of your marketing strategy, organizational design, and technology?
  • CMO Coaching—Could your CMO or senior marketing leader use coaching, mentorship, and guidance?
  • Fractional CMO Services— Do you need an external CMO to elevate your marketing function?
  • Branding & Messaging—How can you differentiate and elevate your organization’s brand, and deliver powerful messaging that speaks to various audiences?

C&E’s Marketing & Customer Experience practice is led by Colleen Scollans, a visionary and energetic professional whose accomplishments include leading the remarkable digital transformation of an iconic 450-year-old publishing organization.