About Us

At the intersection of community and content

What We Do

C&E works at the intersection of community and content, helping forward-thinking organizations grow and diversify revenue, better engage with their audiences, and find more efficient ways to operate. We provide consulting and advisory services, and other solutions, that help our clients navigate transformational change and capitalize on new opportunities.

Who We Work With

Industry leaders rely on our expertise to navigate high-stakes challenges and deliver transformative outcomes. leading associations, publishers, universities, foundations, education/edtech, technology companies, and other mission-centric organizations. Our clients are driven by a commitment to creating, curating, and disseminating knowledge that makes a positive impact on their communities and broader society. We proudly collaborate with organizations that boldly pursue new opportunities and set the standard for excellence.

Our Difference

We bring to engagements domain expertise in strategy, operations, marketing, and digital transformation. As collaborative partners, we guide clients through their most complex challenges in a sector facing accelerating change. Our expertise in this dynamic environment, coupled with our experience and understanding of the nuances of our specialized sector, allows C&E to lead  engagements that achieve meaningful business impact.

C&E Partner Network

The C&E Partner Network consists of handpicked consulting partners that augment the work we do for our clients. With unparalleled expertise in their respective fields, C&E Partners are trusted individuals with whom we have developed strong relationships through a history of successful collaboration. They are chosen in areas that naturally complement what C&E does today, enhancing our existing capabilities, Partners are brought into C&E projects when their expertise is required to fully meet a client’s needs. The network is small by design – it is a highly selective group that reflects C&E’s high standards for quality and professionalism. Our esteemed partners include:

Our Mission & Mark

The mission of Clarke & Esposito is to help our clients navigate the currents and winds of the professional and scholarly information marketplace. We chose an albatross for our mark as ships lost at sea have long been known to follow this winged traveler to land and safety. The albatross is regarded by mariners as a symbol of good fortune and a guide in uncertain waters—and the waters many organizations find themselves sailing through today are nothing if not uncertain.

What We Believe

An independent point of view is essential. Organizations hire Clarke & Esposito for our independent perspective. We come by our viewpoint honestly and we present it with integrity. This is a core value of the firm—we do not simply tell clients what we think they wish to hear. Although we bring experience and external context to each engagement, we do not bring a preconceived solution. Our recommendations are based on the unique situation of each client and are informed by research and findings gathered as part of each client engagement.

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Clarke & Esposito operates on a “one firm” model. All work is internally peer reviewed and represents the collective experience and considered advice of our team.

Advice should be practical. Our focus is on delivering recommendations that are practical, implementable, and aligned with the business needs of our clients.

One size does not fit all. This is true of enterprise strategies, business models, user needs, pricing strategies, and nearly every other facet of today’s information marketplace. It is also true of the solutions we develop at Clarke & Esposito, each of which is a response to the unique set of circumstances, needs, and objectives brought by our clients.

The work matters. Professional and scholarly information has the power to transform individuals, organizations, and society, on a global scale. This is the domain where the heavy lifting takes place, where the intellectual, scientific, and technological scaffolding is built that supports individual decisions, organizational strategies, and national and international policy.