How we help our clients

Clarke & Esposito’s services are designed around our clients’ most pressing challenges and opportunities. We help our clients assess and manage partnerships, review and develop business strategies and operations, create new products, identify opportunities, evaluate and manage risk, optimize and adjust business models, and better understand and engage with their customers and communities.

Operations Review

Are your operations functioning both effectively and efficiently? Are there functions you wish to explore outsourcing?

Portfolio Strategy

Do you have the right mix of products in your portfolio?

Program Assessment

How is your program performing? Where are your growth opportunities?


Is your pricing competitive? Configured for revenue growth?

Financial Modeling

A financial model is a powerful tool that enables the management to perform “what if” analyses


Are your governance structure and Boards optimized to support organization success?

Open Access Strategy

What are the risks and opportunities of OA for your publications?

Marketing Strategy & Transformation

The most effective marketing strategies are informed by customer and market intelligence, reflect organizational aims, and are rooted in best practices

Customer Experience & Loyalty

In which area does your marketing team wish to develop best in class strategies?

Playbooks & Training

Playbooks bring ideas to life by explaining key concepts, sharing best practice, and providing concrete recommendations

Marketing Workshops

Workshops offer opportunities to learn about new areas of marketing. Some are educational in nature whereas others are oriented around collaborative decision-making.

Fractional or Interim Marketing Support

Do you have a resource or skill gap in your marketing team?

Marketing Technology Assessment and Selection

What technologies best fit your needs?

Data, Analytics & Marketing Performance

How does your operation map to the capabilities and skills need to succeed in today’s market?

CMO Coaching

Could your CMO, or an emerging marketing leader, use coaching, mentorship, and guidance?

Technology Services RFPs

What are the best-fit vendors and platforms for your publications?

Contract Review and Negotiation

Is your publishing contract optimized for your organization?

Publishing Services RFPs

Do you have the right partner, and the right contract terms, to best position your publications for success now and in the future?

Competitive Assessment

How your product, service, or organization fits into the market as compared to competitors, and where opportunities and open space might be found.

Environmental Scans

A systematic survey of the market and identification of the factors and forces that affect your products, services, or organization as a whole.

Advisory Panels

We can help you convene and facilitate a panel of customers (e.g. a library advisory panel), users, or other stakeholders.

Research Interviews

Semi-structured research interviews are an essential tool for gathering qualitative information directly from customers and other stakeholders.


Whether of a your entire community or a subset of stakeholders, a well-written survey can provide a quantitative snapshot on key issues.

Benchmarking Studies

How does your program compare to peers?

Product Concept Development

What does a minimum viable product look like?

Product Roadmapping

What features and functionality will add the most value to your product and delight your customers? How do we prioritize and assess the return on investment?

Product Development Workshops

Engage your team around product development thinking.

Go-to-Market Strategy and Support

How can you position new products and services for success?

New Product Feasibility Analysis

Are organization goals, editorial pipeline and strategy, financials, and community needs aligned to support a new product?

Editor and Editorial Board Workshops & Facilitation

Editorial board meeting facilitation and workshops oriented to the needs of Editors-in-Chief and the editorial team

Marketing Workshops

Workshops offer opportunities to learn about new areas of marketing. Some are educational in nature whereas others are oriented around collaborative decision-making.

Board Meeting and Retreat Facilitation

What topics should be top of mind for your Boards? How can you optimize Board functioning?

Strategic and Business Planning Workshops

Engage and educate your team around strategy and planning.

Open Access and the Library

What open access models make most sense for your library/consortia?

Licensing Strategy & Negotiations

Negotiating strategy in an increasingly complex environment.

Strategic Planning for the Library

What are the primary business concerns for your library/consortia?


Whether a single journal or book, an imprint, a division, or entire company.


STMA does not place financings but we can help introduce developing companies to financing sources in our network.


Single acquisition or plan for multi-target strategic acquisition program.