Our People

Pam Harley


Pam combines an execution-focused drive with a strategic perspective gained from 20+ years in STM publishing. Experience in both publishing and software development has given her a panoramic view into the challenges and opportunities facing those developing professional content today. Before joining Clarke & Esposito, Pam served as product strategist for Silverchair Information Systems, helping clients develop digital products and grow their business. Pam also led Silverchair’s Semedica division, developing a set of semantic technologies and services for the application of semantic metadata to STM content.

At the American Psychiatric Association, Pam directed electronic publishing strategy and product development. She was the architect of PsychiatryOnline, one of the industry’s first digital products to integrate reference books, textbooks, journals, self-assessment, and other content types on a single platform. Education in biology and a stint as a research assistant at Duke University engendered a passion for scientific communication and gave her insight into the information needs of scientists and researchers. Pam serves on the steering committee for ALPSP North America. She is a graduate of Duke University with a bachelor of science degree in biology and psychology.