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Capsule Messaging Collection™

A modern approach to messaging designed to work with both human and AI-powered marketing workflows.

Compelling and differentiated messaging is essential for engaging audiences. Superior messaging accentuates how your company, brand, or products deliver extraordinary value. To be impactful, copy and creative expressions must emanate from well-designed and structured messaging. While messaging remains crucial, AI is changing how Marketers approach and structure messaging. Built for an AI future, the Capsule Messaging Collection ™ reinvents how messaging is structured, classified, and used within marketing.

The Capsule Message Collection process uncovers and structures an organization’s unique values and value propositions. Through facilitation, training, and co-creation, we collaborate closely with clients to develop a powerful, flexible messaging framework that adapts to diverse marketing needs and audiences.

Capsule Message Collections are designed to be dynamic, evolving as organizations grow and as data and evidence necessitate new or refined messaging. That’s why training is an integral part of our process. By the end of the engagement, clients are fully equipped to take ownership of their message library and messaging strategies.

Why Capsule Collection Messaging

Foundation for Creative Development

  • Offers a framework for teams to review, refine, and approve messaging, ensuring everyone across the organization is aligned on the core messages
  • Serves as a comprehensive briefing tool for creative teams and agencies
  • As campaigns, creatives, and communications are derived from this messaging foundation, it guarantees consistent, on-brand messaging across all products and services.

Modern Messaging Repository

  • Extensive collection of impactful messages
  • Modular framework for building, repurposing, and testing messages
  • Provides a structured launching pad for copywriting and creative development, streamlining the process and maintaining a clear direction.

Brand Alignment and Consistency Across the Organization

  • Ensures consistent, on-brand communications across all products/services
  • Employs a “red thread” strategy to align messaging with core organizational values and value propositions

AI-Powered Content Generation

  • Serves as a robust, user-friendly AI prompt library
  • Enables quick generation of on-brand content using large language models

Audience Personalization and Optimization

  • Structures messages for micro-segmentation and personalization
  • Enables A/B testing and continuous auto-optimization of creative content

Data-Driven Refinement

  • Provides in-depth reporting on message performance
  • Allows for continuous refinement and enrichment of the message library