Creating a Capsule Messaging Collection™ to Help a Crisis Science Organization Expand Its Global Network

New York Academy of Sciences

Marketing and Customer Experience (CX)

Developing a relational database of values-based and audience-targeted messaging to boost member recruitment and engagement.


The International Science Reserve (ISR) is a project spearheaded by the New York Academy of Sciences (NYAS) that creates a worldwide network of scientific experts, providing readiness training and facilitating access to specialized data resources to help mitigate complex and urgent global crises. C&E was retained to review the ISR’s core audiences, values, and benefits, and then develop a Capsule Messaging Collection™ to help the ISR more successfully recruit and engage its global network. C&E’s Capsule Messaging Collections use a proprietary framework and methodology to build powerful message libraries.

What We Did

Our first step was to review the ISR’s launch efforts and vision through in-depth interviews with the ISR management team. C&E conducted an assessment to identify the ISR’s strategic goals, target audiences, organizational values, and network benefits. This informed the development of a matrix of core audience segments and audience-aligned values and benefits, which were sorted into key value categories. With a combination of hand-crafted copy and AI-facilitated headlines, we then developed a relational database in which value-based messaging was crafted and tailored for each audience – adding views and lenses to allow drilling down and making navigating and utilizing the messaging easy for ISR staff.


This collaboration resulted in the development of a Capsule Messaging Collection that will be foundational to ISR’s communications and marketing strategy, ultimately improving audience engagement and conversion. It also builds agility in the marketing team’s ability to deploy campaigns. The ISR team can pull, mix-and-match, and test messaging, headlines, and calls to action (CTAs) from the Capsule Messaging Collection on their website and in social media, paid media, emails, partnerships, and other outreach – ensuring that messaging is targeted and segmented, standardized, and value-aligned across channels.