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Capsule Messaging Collection™

Crafting captivating communication is essential to engaging with individuals. Superior messaging accentuates how your company, brand, or product can deliver extraordinary value. At C&E, we take a modern approach to messaging. Our Capsule Messaging Collection™ is carefully constructed to offer your team an extensive repository of impactful messages. Through our proprietary process, we help organizations define their core values, establish a distinctive positioning, and effectively convey the value they deliver to their customers. C&E’s expertise lies in the extraction and connection of value and values-based attributes across the overarching organizational brand, products, and customer segments.

With Capsule Messaging Collection, we are reinventing how messaging is structured and crafted to fully leverage AI (artificial intelligence). A Capsule Message Collection provides the following benefits:

  • Consistency & Efficiency: Achieve consistent and efficient communication within your organization. Staff members have access to a diverse range of messages, which can be easily mixed, matched, and repurposed for various communication needs.
  • Time and Cost Savings Through an AI Prompt Library: The Capsule Messaging Collection offers a robust AI prompt library. By inputting their message(s) along with clear prompts, marketers can leverage this library as the foundation for creating content. For instance, they can combine two message blocks to craft copy of a specific length for a web page, using AI to adopt a more conversational tone. A Capsule Messaging Collection empowers marketers to streamline their content creation process, ultimately saving time and reducing freelance costs.
  • Personalization & Optimization: Marketing technology empowers marketers to personalize messages and conduct message testing for performance optimization. Your audience consists of individuals with diverse motivations. To enhance conversion rates and engagement, organizations must ensure that their messaging remains highly relevant and undergoes continuous testing. A Capsule Messaging Collection is essential for organizations to maintain an inventory of messages to test and provides a structured foundation for effective performance analytics.
  • Red Thread View: Capsule Messaging Collections help organizations see how messaging connects at an organizational or group brand level and across all products. Organizations that understand their “red thread” connect more strongly with their community.


See how we helped one client build agility in its approach to recruiting and engaging its audience through a Capsule Messaging Collection.


Brand Impact 

We inspire brands to reach their true potential. By partnering with clients and applying our creative ingenuity and industry knowledge, we help their brand stories stand out against competitors. By implementing branding strategies that transcend just a logo or color palette, we help to ensure that our clients’ brand outreach captivates and resonates with audiences. 

In addition, through interviews, focus groups, and quantitative research, we support clients in understanding and growing brand impact. Our work helps clients to test new brand concepts and value propositions and to better understand their brand perceptions and market position. 


Brand Purpose Alignment & Facilitation 

C&E and Mary E. Maloney of Revealing Genius join forces to help clients discover their unique brand purpose and share it confidently. Mary E. is a former CMO and CEO with extensive brand and messaging experience. She has strong domain knowledge in the healthcare and life sciences sectors, and has worked with leading CEOs, C-level executive teams, external boards, surgeons, and doctors.  

From top-level executives seeking greater influence to leadership boards striving to take their brand to the next level, Mary E. helps forward-thinking organizational leaders reach their highest potential using her time-tested intellectual property, E.T.A.™ (Excavate, Tell, Affirm). Grounded in empirical and scientific data, this framework is a catalyst for brand creativity and clarity.  

Board and Leadership Brand Facilitation  

Mary E. takes leadership teams and boards on an unforgettable journey. Through expert facilitation and the E.T.A. process, she ensures that all diverse perspectives are heard and meaningful conversation happens – all the while guiding teams toward “aha” moments. The goal of this enlightening process is an aligned and clearly articulated brand purpose and position that can be shared broadly within the organization.  

Executive Branding 

Mary E. helps the world’s top healthcare and science executives create powerful personal brands. Understanding how hard it is to fully capture and share their accomplishments and mission in an impactful way, she helps leaders transform their stories into inspiring narratives where their unique voice is heard.