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Marketing Technology

There are over 8,000 marketing technology (MarTech) tools that improve marketing’s impact and effectiveness. Marketing technology is the center of most organization’s digital transformation and customer experience agendas. Further, marketing technology is supports revenue growth and drives efficiency in marketing, and across the entire organization. 

Marketing technology projects are complex. Too often organizations focus on the technology and spend too little time on the marketing transformation required. At C&E, we focus on the strategy, technology, and organizational design required to successfully choose and adopt marketing technology. 

Marketing Technology services include:

The 12P Approach:  The 12Ps of Marketing Technology © is a proprietary framework for marketing technology strategy, planning, and adoption.  With a strong focus on the change needed within marketing, the 12Ps drives the entire MarTech process from capability prioritization to benefits realization. 

Marketing Technology Capability Audit: Our capability audits map your strategic priorities to marketing technology capabilities. Through this process, we help clients see critical gaps and redundancies in their MarTech architecture. C&E has developed a proprietary marketing technology framework that helps anchor marketing technology in business value and practical applications. 

Marketing Technology Strategy, Selection & Implementation: We support clients in developing MarTech RFIs (request for information) to ensure they are selecting the appropriate vendors for their marketing technology needs. In addition, we partner with clients to advise on the strategic and organizational change required to successfully adopt marketing technology and provide strategic support during implementation. 

The Marketing Technology Business Case – How to Build a Case for Change:  Before an organization invests in marketing technology, they need to understand if there is a compelling business case. The business case is not only critical for stakeholder buy-in and approval but as a foundation to measure the benefit realization of your MarTech project. We help clients build marketing technology business cases.