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Marketing Technology (MarTech)

Why Marketing Technology 

Marketing technology (MarTech) is a category of technology that improves the effectiveness of marketing and customer experience teams. As a proven driver of growth, MarTech is central to organizations’ experience and digital transformation agenda improving: 

  • audience identification, development, and engagement
  • author, reader, and member experience
  • segmentation and behavioral targeting
  • personalization and lifecycle orchestration
  • data and evidence-based decision-making, including predictive decisioning 
  • marketing performance management and operational efficiency  
  • lead generation and database growth 
  • revenue generation: adverting, E-commerce, and subscription revenue


Our Unique Expertise 

Our unique expertise bridges the gap between vision and technology. We deeply understand the MarTech landscape and how marketing technology advances association, education, and publishing/media use cases. In addition to our knowledge of industry-specific use cases, we are well-versed in emerging marketing technology trends and cross-sector modern marketing innovation. 

Marketing technology projects are complex. Too often, organizations spend too little time on the marketing vision and strategy and as a result select the wrong tools and technologies. In addition, inadequate time is spent on supporting strategy, processes, and organizational design to ensure the successful adoption of the chosen technology.  Pulling from our proprietary framework, the 12Ps of Marketing Technology ©, our services that support the entire marketing technology journey from strategy to benefits realization. 


Our Marketing Technology Services


Marketing Technology Capability Audit

Our framework anchors marketing technology in business value. Through our process, we document your organizational priorities and current marketing technology capability. After discovery, we map your strategic priorities to your current technology capability and C&E’s proprietary capability framework. Through this process, we show critical gaps, redundancies, and inefficiencies in your existing MarTech stack. The final output is a marketing technology capability roadmap that connects business value to MarTech strategy.  Above all, this blueprint brings together the organization on a clear and actionable path forward. 

The Marketing Technology Business Case

Before an organization invests in marketing technology, there must be a compelling business case. The business case is critical not only for stakeholder buy-in but also as a foundation to measure the benefits realization of your MarTech project. We help clients build marketing technology visions and business cases. In addition, we partner with clients to develop vision decks and other educational tools to help communicate the investment business case. 

Marketing Technology Vendor Selection

Over 9,900 marketing technology (MarTech) solutions exist – a dizzying number. We lead MarTech RFIs (requests for information) to ensure clients pick the best tool(s) for their needs. Our rigorous evaluation process documents vendors’ ability to meet technical capabilities and use cases. In addition, we ensure the vendor is the right fit for the client’s size and scale. Our process engages stakeholders across the organization. Critically, we focus on use cases and business value throughout the process. In addition to RFIs, we work with clients to vet shortlist vendors and develop proofs-of-concept. 

Marketing Technology Implementation Support

Post vendor selection, we partner with clients to advise on the strategic and organizational changes required to adopt marketing technology successfully. While it is important to choose technology that is future-proof, it is essential not to “boil the ocean” with MarTech implementations. We help sequence and prioritize use cases with the highest value. Furthermore, we are a trusted advisor to marketing, digital, and technology leadership throughout the project.