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Marketing Technology

There are over 8,000 marketing technology (MarTech) tools that improve marketing’s impact, effectiveness, and efficiency. The tools are also at the center of most organization’s digital transformation agenda. Organizations that successfully adopt and utilize marketing technology adapt their marketing strategy, processes, and organizational design. In addition, the focus on the marketing skills and leadership required to successfully plan for and implement MarTech.

Too often organizations focus on the technology and spend too little time on the marketing transformation required. While a successful marketing technology implementation requires technology, data, and project management expertise, it also requires highly specialized marketing expertise and significant time devoted to marketing strategy and change management.

C&E Marketing & Digital Transformation practice lead, Colleen Scollans, has developed a proprietary framework for Marketing Technology. The 12Ps of Marketing Technology © starts by mapping an organization’s strategy to marketing technology capabilities. This capability approach ensures organizations are focused on the business value marketing technology can bring to the organization.

Services include:

Marketing Technology Capability Audit & Prioritization: Do you know what marketing technologies best fit your needs and goals? Would you benefit from a capability audit that maps your strategic priorities to marketing technology capabilities? Do you need a framework to help prioritize and plan your MarTech roadmap?

Marketing Technology Strategy, Selection & Implementation: Do you need a marketing partner to take you through the entire marketing technology process from planning to benefit realization? Is your Marketing Team prepared for the large strategic and organizational change needed to successfully implement marketing technology? Would you benefit from a framework to increase adoption and utilization of the new technology?

MarTech Project Advisory Support: Do you need an experienced marketing leader to partner on a marketing technology project? Do you need help in choosing the right MarTech vendor? Do you want to avoid the common mistakes made in MarTech projects?

The MarTech Business Case – How to Build a Case for Change:  Before an organization invests in marketing technology, they need to understand if there is a compelling business case. The business case is not only critical for stakeholder buy-in and approval but as a foundation to measure the benefit realization of your MarTech project. Does you need help in building your MarTech business case?

The 12P Approach:  The 12Ps of Marketing Technology © is a proprietary framework for marketing technology strategy, planning, and adoption.  With a strong focus on the change needed within marketing, the 12Ps drives the entire MarTech process from capability prioritization to benefits realization. Could you use a partner ,on your MarTech journey, to shepherd and guide you through all 12 steps of the 12Ps of Marketing Technology.

MarTech Workshops: Educational workshops providing marketing technology overviews and deeper dives into capability categories.