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Marketing Playbooks

At Clarke & Esposito, we build winning marketing playbooks. Marketing is no longer just messaging, and promotion nor is marketing technology just about digital marketing and marketing automation. Modern marketing drives revenue growth, builds brand value, and is at the epicenter of customer experience. Designed as roadmaps for marketing teams, marketing playbooks provide strategies, action-oriented recommendations, and best practices for marketing teams. 


The Marketing Playbook

Created as a comprehensive guide, the C&E marketing playbook looks across all of marketing and recommends winning strategies to meet key business objectives and optimize marketing performance.


Focused Marketing Playbooks

Focused playbooks in specific areas of marketing including:  

  • Email Marketing & Conversion Optimization 
  • Author Focus – author experience and author acquisition
  • Campaign Optimization – campaign planning and campaign performance metrics 
  • Branding 
  • Content Marketing & Social Media 
  • Membership Marketing 
  • High-value audience development and engagement
  • Customer experience