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Campaign Planning and Mapping

Your Strategic Command Center and Blueprint for Campaign Excellence

Effective campaign planning and execution drive measurable business success. Leading organizations invest in processes and systems, focusing campaigns on core objectives and customer experience. At C&E, we offer the following services that support strategic campaign management:

Campaign Planning (Campaign Planning Nexus™)

Our anchor service – the Campaign Planning Nexus™ – is the strategic command center for orchestrating all organizational campaigns. It encompasses the systems and processes that unite marketing teams to plan, classify, and prioritize campaigns. This strategic preparation allows marketers to collectively assess and analyze all campaigns before building and executing individual initiatives.

Benefits of Campaign Planning

The Campaign Planning Nexus framework ensures all of your campaigns possess the following key characteristics:

  • Strategic: Carefully conceiving, measuring, and aligning campaigns to organizational objectives and balancing time-bound campaigns with always-on activations and automation.
  • Integrated: Coordinating multichannel efforts that rise above disconnected tactics.
  • Customer-focused: Developing highly targeted and relevant campaigns. Proactively managing campaign frequency to minimize customer fatigue.
  • Data-driven: Using data to maximize engagement and conversions.
  • Connected: Enabling marketing teams to work as a unified force, even when the organization is siloed. Fostering collaboration across functional boundaries ensures a consistent brand experience throughout all marketing efforts.
  • Rationalized: Ensuring that only the right campaigns advance, harmonizing efforts with overlapping audiences and goals, and eliminating or postponing low-impact initiatives, preventing wasted resources on misaligned campaigns.
  • Transparent: Providing comprehensive visibility into the campaign pipeline across functions, coupled with performance analytics to illuminate marketing’s impact, optimization opportunities, and resource constraints.

Our Approach

Our approach combines deep organizational insight with industry-leading expertise, helping you shortcut the learning curve and avoid costly missteps:

  • Comprehensive Campaign Discovery: Our immersive discovery process extends across your entire organization, not just the marketing team. We uncover the full spectrum of existing and planned campaigns, including initiatives from all departments that impact customer touchpoints. This thorough inventory forms the foundation for effective planning, cross-functional alignment, and optimization.
  • Industry-Specific Campaign Expertise: We bring deep knowledge of campaign best practices across various sectors. This expertise allows us to provide valuable insights into campaign effectiveness, audience targeting, and strategic alignment specific to your industry.
  • Strategic Alignment: We ensure your campaign planning system aligns with and supports broader organizational goals, creating a cohesive strategy that resonates across all levels of your organization.
  • Planning System Implementation: We leverage our extensive experience to design, deploy, and systemize effective campaign planning processes. Our approach establishes robust, repeatable systems that bypass common pitfalls, save time, and improve consistency.

Campaign Mapping: From Strategy to Execution

Campaign Mapping translates high-level Campaign Planning into detailed, actionable execution plans. For each approved campaign, it details every customer touchpoint across channels and journey stages. As MarTech capabilities advance, enabling multi-staged journeys, personalization, and large-scale testing, campaign mapping becomes increasingly complex yet critical.

The mapping process inherits and builds upon strategic classifications from the planning phase, outlining foundational elements for precise execution, including:

  • Messaging strategy
  • Creative direction
  • Share-of-voice
  • Channel delivery specifics
  • Behavioral triggers & response workflows
  • A/B Testing & optimization frameworks
  • Content curation and asset production plans

The result is a structured touchpoint map that provides a comprehensive view of the campaign execution. This map is typically accompanied by a campaign brief – a separate document that narratively outlines the strategic rationale and overall execution plan.

Benefits of Campaign Mapping

Campaign Mapping serves several mission-critical purposes:

  • Planning Canvas: The Campaign Planning Canvas provides a collaborative canvas for marketers to strategically design, evaluate, and pressure-test the campaign touchpoints and associated components before implementation.
  • Campaign-build Instructions: The Campaign Mapper and associated brief can easily be approved by team leaders and used as the basis for campaign-build instructions. This is especially useful for organizations with marketing operations teams that build and deploy campaigns.
  • The Unified Live Tracker: This centralized dashboard provides a comprehensive, real-time view of your campaign landscape, showing all active campaigns, past customer interactions, and planned future engagements. It offers a holistic perspective on customer experiences across past, present, and future marketing initiatives, allowing for better coordination and strategic planning.
  • The Analytics Foundation: Campaign Planning and Mapping are part of the core data foundation for campaign measurement and optimization.
  • The Execution Launch Pad: This tool streamlines the transition from planning to execution. Once campaign plans are finalized, the Launch Pad triggers the initiation of pre-configured project plans in your existing project management system (such as Asana, Basecamp, Smartsheets, Airtable, JIRA, or Monday).

Our Approach

C&E works with each client to design and implement a sophisticated campaign mapping model and brief tailored precisely to their organization’s MarTech capabilities, data environment, and execution nuances. 

Bringing it Together

The below is a simple visual to demonstrate the interconnectivity of the end-to-end strategic campaign management phases.