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Data, Analytics & Marketing Performance

Marketing organizations are swimming in a sea of data. Organizations that successfully capture, structure, and harness data:

  • Improve Marketing Performance: Use data to test, refine, and iterate marketing campaigns. Measure marketing accountability and return-on-investment (ROI).
  • Grow Revenue: Discover customers’ propensity to purchase, identify productization opportunities, and enrich commercial advertising offerings. Provide sales team with evidence to shorten sales cycles and increase closure rate. Use data to find new authors, members, and customers.
  • Develop a 360 View of the Customer: Find the most valuable customers by connecting the various “hats” one individual wears within an organization. Develop highly relevant and contextual marketing approaches.
  • Support Product Management & Content Acquisition: Understand how content is purchased, used, and cited. Spot patterns that identify top authors and topics. Pivot organization to iterative product development based on user behavior.
  • Drive Discovery, Usage & Conversion: Discover what is driving SEO (search engine optimization), site stickiness (time on site), and conversion.
  • Save Time: Automate creation of manual reports. Eliminate errors caused by different teams reviewing different data sets.
  • Benchmark Performance Against Competitors: Understand how content and products perform compared against competitors’ performance.

Services include:

Marketing & Customer Analytics: Does Marketing collect and measure the data that matters? Are data and analytical insights driving business decisions? Can predictive analytics help you spot new customers, authors, or other opportunities

Return on Marketing Investment: Do you measure your marketing department’s return on investment? Are you maximizing your marketing resources in areas that drive most revenue?

Data Audit & Recommendation: Do you know all the data sources available to your organization? Could you benefit from a plan to capture the most important data sources?

Customer Data Model: Does your organization need a customer data model that is the foundation for your marketing automation and analytics’ strategy?

Data Democratization: Does your organization want to increase data literacy and data analysis capability within the broader business? How do you make data and analysis at the heart of your organization?