Could your CMO, or an emerging leader, use coaching, mentorship, and guidance?

Marketing is challenging, which is one of the primary reasons that CMOs have the shortest tenure in the C suite. The market dynamics are changing at breakneck pace. There is increased pressure for marketing teams to be highly accountable for their return on investment.  Further, the expectations for marketing teams are not always clear, nor is everyone, across the enterprise, aligned on marketing’s remit.

Colleen Scollans pulls from her 10+ years as a successful transformation CMO, her experience leading Sales and Digital teams, and her 20+ years in marketing, to bring out the best in marketing talent.  While marketing leaders greatly benefit from CMO Coaching, it can also support executives in other functions where marketing responsibility has been added to their remit (ex: Marketing Technology or Customer Experience).

CMO Coaching delivers:

  • Focus & Accountability—Personalized objectives are clearly defined and monitored. Progress is maintained through regular coaching calls and strategic coaching workshops.
  • Strategic Insight—A sounding board to help refine or ratify strategic decisions.
  • Perspective—Fresh new ideas and perspectives to stimulate creativity and challenge assumptions.
  • Support—A safe space to work through tricky issues.  Strategic and emotional support during challenging marketing transformations.
  • Development—Training and skills development in new marketing areas, leadership, change management, and modern marketing design.
  • Expertise—Experience and expertise to help with both the strategic and tactical aspects of Marketing.
  • Impact—Guidance on how to increase Marketing’s organizational impact and to drive cross-functional alignment.