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From Digital to Data: Marketing Strategies and Technologies for the Next Era

September 28, 2023  |  By

C&E Practice Lead Colleen Scollans spoke on a panel at Silverchair's 2023 Platform Strategies on how open access has shifted publishers to B2C data-driven marketing with a focus on the author and author experience. This requires new technologies and new ways of working – along with new skills and strategies. Here are our key takeaways from the session.
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C&E Perspectives

An Interview with China STM Publishing Expert Nicko Goncharoff 

June 15, 2023  |  By

In this insightful Q&A with Nicko Goncharoff of Osmanthus Consulting, with whom C&E partnered to develop "International STM Publishing in China: State of the Market Report 2023" – we explore China’s recent publishing sector and research assessment reforms. We demonstrate how international publishers and publishing service providers can navigate the dynamic and unique China market.
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From the Scholarly Kitchen

Plan S: Impact on Society Publishers

December 5, 2018  |  By

Plan S implementation guidance has not provided reassurance to anxious society publishers. The stated aim of Plan S is to achieve “full and immediate Open Access to publications from publicly funded research,” but the prohibition against publishing in hybrid journals is not needed to accomplish that aim.
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From the Scholarly Kitchen

Why Hasn’t Scientific Publishing Been Disrupted Already?

January 4, 2010  |  By

For all the talk of disruption, scientific publishing in fact has not been disrupted. The reasons for this are rooted in the culture of scientific communication and the functions of scientific journals—functions that have developed over hundreds of years. Those predicting seismic changes to the business of journal publishing because of advances in communication technology have been consistently frustrated. The World Wide Web itself was designed explicitly to disrupt scientific publishing, and yet here we are.
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