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The 12Ps of Marketing Technology

September 16, 2020  |  By

This article was originally published in ClickZ on September 16, 2020


  • Colleen’s 12Ps of Marketing Technology© is built upon the tenet that MarTech is an enabler for marketing. Marketing technology, in and of itself, is not a strategy. The technology offers no value unless it enables a solid marketing strategy.
  • Further, for MarTech to succeed, the technology needs to be successfully adopted and utilized by the marketing team in a manner that advances, or accelerates, the marketing strategy.
  • The 12Ps is a framework that provides guidance (and guardrails) for one MarTech project or for a portfolio of projects. It is comprised of three phases, each with sub-steps, that directs leaders through the marketing technology process.
  • Recognizing how easy it is to get carried away with marketing technology, riding the wave of promise without adequate checks and balances, each 12P step is designed as a hurdle – a decision-gate where marketing must decide if they should proceed, stop, or re-engineer.

Organizations that wish to adopt marketing technology or make better use of their current marketing technology tools, can benefit from the 12Ps of Marketing Technology.©

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Colleen Scollans

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Colleen Scollans leads Clarke & Esposito’s Marketing & Digital Transformation Practice. She is a seasoned marketing, digital strategy, and customer experience leader. Prior to consulting, Colleen was the Chief Marketing Officer for Oxford University Press’s (OUP) Academic Division. See Full Bio

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