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Customer Experience

To thrive in today’s marketplace, organizations need to improve the customer experience of their current customers while simultaneously cultivating and engaging with new audiences. Research suggests that companies that compete primarily based on customer experience will be the most successful. Gartner has labeled Customer Experience (CX) the “new marketing battleground.”

For publishers, a dedicated focus on Author Experience (AX) is critical to competitive differentiation and in driving author submission, resubmission, and referral.


  • Is your strategy and digital experience oriented around the customer?
  • Do you have robust customer feedback and data collection processes to drive a positive customer experience?
  • Have you moved from blunt personas to data-driven segmentation?
  • Do you have cross-channel strategies to drive satisfaction, loyalty, and referral?


  • Are you looking to grow your audience beyond your core customers and members?  Do you need support in building an audience development strategy? 
  • Are you collecting and harnessing customer and audience data to improve to drive audience engagement?
  • Are you able to deliver highly relevant, contextual, and personalized experiences? 


  • Has your organization defined your AX (author experience) strategy?
  • Is your organization prioritizing strategies that advance AX maturity?
  • Has your marketing team made the large change to D2C (direct to consumer) marketing?