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Why Scholarly Publishers are Prioritizing First-Party Data

May 24, 2023  |  By

This article was originally published by BlueConic on May 24, 2023


  • The marketing use cases of scholarly and professional publishers and associations are evolving to look much more like those of consumer media and ecommerce brands.
  • Capturing first-party audience data to understand how individuals engage with content and digital channels is now table-stakes.
  • First party data, audience intelligence, on-the-fly personalization, and predictive analytics promise a bright future for scholarly publishers and associations, paving the way for greater audience engagement, author loyalty, and new paths to monetization.
  • Choosing the right marketing technology tools is an important step in this transformation. It starts with a strong business case and strategy for how the technology will be adopted and requires the right skills, resources, and training be in place to effectively use the technology. Colleen advocates for an agile approach to marketing technology adoption – choosing tools that are the right size and scale, and iteratively proving wins before “boiling the ocean”.

C&E’s unique expertise bridges the gap between strategic vision and marketing technology. We deeply understand the MarTech landscape and how marketing technology advances association, education, and publishing/media use cases. In addition to our knowledge of industry-specific use cases, we are well-versed in emerging marketing technology trends and cross-sector modern marketing innovation.  

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Colleen Scollans

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Colleen Scollans leads Clarke & Esposito’s Marketing & Digital Transformation Practice. She is a seasoned marketing, digital strategy, and customer experience leader. Prior to consulting, Colleen was the Chief Marketing Officer for Oxford University Press’s (OUP) Academic Division. See Full Bio

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