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Marketing Workshops & Playbooks

Leading marketing teams know the importance of workshops, playbooks, and training. Teams that priortize learning and external perspectives, deliver higher impact and have higher employee engagement. 

Marketing Workshops:
Workshops offer opportunities for organizations to learn about new areas of marketing.  With robust questions and answers, attendees walk away with new insights, best practices, practical advice, and inspiration. 

Marketing Playbooks:
Marketing playbooks are roadmaps for marketing teams. They bring key ideas to life by explaining key concepts, sharing best practice, and providing concrete recommendations.  All marketing playbooks are fully customized the the client. 

Team Training:
Both playbooks and workshops can be developed into full team training programs.


Marketing Specialties: Branding, Product Marketing, Sales Enablement,  Demand Generation, Community & Audience Engagement, Customer Advocacy, and Inbound Marketing.

Marketing Infrastructure & Operations: Content Operations, Content Marketing, Semantics, Marketing Technology, Marketing Operations, Agile Marketing, Campaign Management, and Customer Experience.

Evidence-Based Decision Making: Marketing Analytics, Marketing Performance Management, and Customer Insights / Analytics.

Trends: What is new in modern marketing, customer experience, marketing technology, and marketing-enabled digital transformation.

Marketing as Digital Transformation Catalyst: Content Discovery & SEO, Conversion Optimization, Customer Data, Community, and Personalization. 

Business Model Support: Author Marketing, Membership Marketing,  Subscription Optimization, Event Marketing, and Commercial Advertising.