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Marketing Audits

Marketing audits help organizations assess the performance of the marketing function and / or specific aspects of modern marketing design. Changing customer expectations and the explosion of marketing technology offer both tremendous opportunity and new challenges. In light of this high-velocity change, regular marketing audits ensure organizations stay competitive.

The Marketing Audit

Our marketing audit looks across the main dimensions of marketing design – strategy, structure, skills, and technology. We put marketing performance in the context of benchmarks, best practices, and a proprietary marketing maturity model.

In addition to the assessment, the audit contains concrete recommendations to improve marketing performance. A marketing audit is a perfect place to start on a marketing improvement journey.

Focused Marketing Audits

Focused marketing audits in specific areas of marketing including:

Marketing Technology Capability Audit: Our marketing technology capability audit maps an organization’s marketing, customer experience, and commercial strategy to a marketing technology capability framework. We identify gap capabilities and prioritize the gaps based on the business value they will deliver. We create a strategic marketing technology (MarTech) roadmap from this prioritization. The capabilities used in the marketing technology audit are from Colleen Scollans’ proprietary marketing technology capability framework – 12Ps of Marketing Technology ©.

Web Audit: Our web audits evaluate marketing websites for their effectiveness in attracting new audiences, engaging website visitors, and driving key conversions. The audit is rooted in a deep dive into web analytics and best-practice digital design and conversion optimization principles.

Email Audit: Despite advances in digital marketing and a proliferation of new channels, email is still an organization’s most important channel. Email audits assess can organization’s current email strategy and provides recommendation to improve email performance.