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Marketing Advisory Services

Like CMO Coaching, marketing advisory services are time-based engagements, where clients benefit from access to the marketing and digital transformation expertise of the Clarke & Esposito team.

Marketing advisory services are a great option, when you want another smart mind, at the table. Designed to maximize flexibility and impact, clients choose where and when they need support.  Popular advisory engagements include:

Marketing Transformation Do you need help navigating a complicated marketing or digital transformation? Do you have questions about your strategy, organizational design, processes and infrastructure?

Marketing Technology: Do you need help understanding the opportunities marketing technology presents? Do you need a MarTech expert to weigh in on your current stack and / or validate vendor RFPs? Is MarTech understanding anchoring your marketing, product, customer, and data strategy?

Marketing to CMOs:  Is your company looking to develop and launch new products and services that help organizations with their marketing strategies? Would you benefit from better understanding the motivations and of your target audience Рthe CMO (chief marketing officer)? Our advisory services help MarTech, EdTech, SciTech, and other technology, data, and services companies on their product, go-to-market, and growth strategies.

Project Leadership:  Do you need a dedicated senior leader to advise on a critical project? Do you need an expert external voice on a high-profile project? Project services are ideal for large-scale tricky projects, such as marketing technology implementations, customer experience pivots, website redesigns, or platform migrations, where the right experience and expertise can make or break a project.