Driving Alignment and Vision Through Branding & Messaging

Atlas Enterprise

Marketing and Customer Experience (CX)

Creating alignment on brand purpose, values, and messaging for a fast-growing and innovative organization pushing the boundaries of how surgeons prepare, learn, and collaborate.


C&E and Mary E. Maloney of Revealing Genius worked with Atlas Enterprise on an exciting brand project in the midst of organizational change to secure its long-term growth and sustainability. Atlas Enterprise had two goals. First, to move a beloved and widely used product, the Neurosurgical Atlas, from free access to an institutional site license model. Second, the organization was preparing to release two new and innovative product offerings and needed to create brand positioning for the newly formed parent brand, Atlas Enterprise.

What We Did

C&E and Mary E. Maloney worked with Atlas Enterprise to develop a brand framework highlighting its role in the community in pushing the boundaries of how surgeons prepare, learn, and collaborate. Through a series of interactive sessions, we co-created a brand manifesto that clearly states the Atlas Enterprise’s brand purpose, unique value contribution, and principles for fully “living” its brand values. We augmented the manifesto with a Capsule Messaging Collection™ that tied key brand values to proof points and powerfully copywritten messaging blocks and created messaging for the Atlas Enterprise’s visionary leader and world-renowned neurosurgeon, Dr. Cohen-Gadol. In addition, we supported the flagship product, the Neurosurgical Atlas, with go-to-market positioning and messaging.


Our work helped drive positioning and vision alignment among senior leaders. The branding and positioning we developed serve as the foundation for all marketing and communication outreach for Atlas Enterprise and its family of products. The go-to-market messaging for the Neurosurgical Atlas’s new business model was highly successful, exceeding all initial projections. It helped bring the Neurosurgical Atlas’ devoted global community of over 70,000 members along on the organization’s change journey and to build demand for library subscriptions. Atlas Enterprise continues to work with C&E on further projects to bring its new positioning to life.