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Fractional CMO Services

Does your organization need support in elevating marketing talent and strategy? Would you benefit from an embedded, highly skilled, fractional CMO? 

Fractional CMOs (Chief Marketing Officers) provide organizations with the horsepower of a highly skilled CMO, without the need to hire a full-time CMO. Leading both strategy and execution, there are different reasons organizations hire fractional CMOs. 

  • Drive Scale & Growth: Brands in high-growth mode often need the help of an fractional CMO to build a scalable and impactful marketing strategy, infrastructure, and organizational design. 
  • Transform & Turnaround: Fractional CMOs can plan and implement turn-arounds for underperforming marketing teams. In addition, they can help lead digital transformations required to modernize marketing. 
  • Reduce Fragmentation: In organizations in which marketing teams are fragmented across different teams, a fractional CMO can help drive cohesion and build a shared-services model.
  • Fill a CMO Gap: A fractional CMO can help organizations address a senior marketing resource gap. They can also help position marketing’s role and strategy within the broader organization.

Colleen Scollans has extensive experience as a global CMO including 10+ years as a successful transformation CMO. Her cross-industry experience as a CMO coach, fractional CMO, and senior marketing consultant, all contribute to her ability to elevate marketing organizations.