Strategic and Operational Guidance

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C&E is a trusted partner to CEOs, boards of directors, and other executives at some of the world’s most renowned organizations. We help organizations make difficult decisions, assess organizational performance, and build sustainable strategies for growth. We bring a focus on rigorous financial modeling combined with market knowledge and, uniquely among consulting firms operating in this space, expertise in valuations, mergers, and acquisitions. C&E is also are among the leaders in this community in brokering complex partnerships.

Some of the ways we help clients include:

  • Strategic Assessments. Are your programs (publishing, education, meetings) delivering the outcomes an organization requires? Are they competitive with peers?
  • Publishing Services Agreements. Do you need help choosing the right partner or vendor — or re-evaluating a current one. A publishing services agreement is often the single most important contract an organization signs. Learn more about how C&E helps clients negotiate favorable contracts and manage competitive request for proposal processes.
  • Operations Reviews. Are your organization’s operations and efficient, effective, and built to purpose? Do you have the right partners and vendors to achieve your goals?
  • Pricing. Are your prices and pricing models competitive, aligned with your values, and achieving the right outcomes?
  • Open Access Strategy. All professional and scholarly publishers require an open access strategy today, built around the mission and values of the organization, the competitive dynamics of the market, and the requirements of authors and their institutions and funders.
  • Portfolio Strategy. Is your portfolio of publications aligned both strategically and operationally? Do your editors and publishing staff work together to achieve portfolio-level goals?
  • Mergers and Acquisitions. C&E works with clients on divestitures as well as acquisitions. We work with clients on transactions that involve entire companies or just specific products.

Our clients have benefited from the weight of our experience, our ability to navigate governance processes, facilitating better strategic understanding (and decision-making) at the board level. C&E’s combination of domain knowledge plus sensitivity to the culture of not-for-profits makes us an ideal partner for business-minded teams working within a mission-focused framework.