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The one constant is change. The ever-changing environment requires ongoing attention to the evolving needs of your members, customers, authors, and other stakeholders. We can help you better understand and adapt to changes in market needs and expectations, evaluate new entrants and competitors, or identify new opportunities. Whether you are launching a new product or service, considering significant changes to existing products, expanding into a new market, introducing a new pricing model, or rethinking your strategy, Clarke & Esposito can help.

Our experience in the industry ensures that recommendations are provided with important context of the who, what, and why — and how your organization can react. C&E can provide market research and intelligence to fit the need, from targeting a niche to understanding industry-wide trends.

Our services include:

Competitive Assessments — How your product, service, or organization fits into the market as compared to competitors, and where opportunities and open space might be found.

Environmental Scans — A systematic survey of the market and identification of the factors and forces that affect your products, services, or organization as a whole.

Research Interviews — Semi-structured research interviews are an essential tool for gathering qualitative information directly from customers and other stakeholders.

Surveys — Whether of a your entire community or a subset of stakeholders, a well-written survey can provide a quantitative snapshot on key issues.

Focus Groups – A facilitated discussion with customers or other stakeholders designed to gauge perceptions of products, services, policies, or other topics.

Industry Trend Reports & Analyses — A commissioned study of business practices, editorial policies, pricing practices, technology adoption, or other issues relevant or your business.

Benchmarking — C&E offers a benchmarking service focused on journal publishing, including peer review, editorial compensation, journal policy, DEI, and other measures.