Product Development

Product Concept Development | Product Feasibility Assessment | Partnership Analysis & Negotiation | Product Road Mapping | Go-to-Market Strategy & Support

Developing new opportunities and introducing new products to market are more critical than ever. Professional publishers face a mature market for traditional products such as journals and books. New products provide a strategy for growth and diversification via new revenue streams.

Successful product development requires more than selecting the right set of features for the right audience. It also requires strategic insights into specific markets, an understanding of broad industry trends (and the historical context from which they developed), and the ability to incorporate risk assessment into strategic decision-making at both the product and organizational level.

C&E can help your organization develop products and services that answer the needs of your market. Our product experience encompasses journals (including the development of open access journals), books, database and workflow products, decision-support tools, continuing education and maintenance of certification, electronic reference products, news and newsletters, and content platforms. We can take you all the way from initial product concept through go-to-market strategy, or assist with any of the individual steps in between.

Whether you are evaluating new directions for your current offerings, expanding your portfolio, or seeking new opportunities in adjacent spaces, we have the knowledge and experience that will help you make the right decisions. Let us know how we can help you. Our services include:

  • Product Concept Development—Whether you are looking for product line extensions or de novo products to move your organization in new directions, C&E can help identify and describe new product ideas that fit your portfolio, your community, and your available resourcing.
  • Product Feasibility AssessmentLaunching a new product incurs both actual monetary costs and opportunity costs. C&E can help both assess and reduce risks and quantify opportunity.
  • Partnership Analysis & Negotiation—Finding the right set of partners for a new product is hard; negotiating favorable terms is even harder.
  • Product Roadmapping—Successful product roadmapping balances the differing needs of customers, manages resource and time constraints, and provides marketing and sales teams with what they need to win future customers.
  • Go-to-Market Strategy & Support—Planning and hands-on support to help you bring your new product to market successful.

For organizations seeking to buy rather than build, we can also help with Mergers and Acquisitions.