Michael Clarke’s Article on Publishing Services Agreements Published in Learned Publishing

January 13, 2020

An article entitled “The journal publishing services agreement: A guide for societies,” by Clarke & Esposito’s Managing Partner, Michael Clarke, was published in the journal Learned Publishing. The article provides an overview of journal PSAs between professional and scholarly societies and commercial publishers. It describes the structure of PSAs, their pros and cons, responsibilities of societies and publishers, and a discussion of why some societies chose to work with publishers whereas others elect to remain independent.

This article is notable as there is very little that has been written on the topic of PSAs. Professional and scholarly societies and associations that enter into PSAs do so infrequently (every 5 -10 years), whereas publishers enter into such agreements routinely. There is therefore an information asymmetry that this article seeks to, in part, address.

Learned Publishing is the owned by the Association of Learned and Professional Society Publishers (ALPSP) and published, via a PSA, by Wiley.


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