Marketing Audit and Strategic Roadmap

Canadian Science Publishing

Marketing and Customer Experience (CX)

Supporting a marketing team through a time of transition with an OA marketing strategy, playbooks, and training.


Canadian Science Publishing (CSP) embarked on a significant business transformation in its transition towards full open access (OA) publishing. To support this change, CSP sought consulting services to create a marketing and brand growth strategy. The scale of the change required a consultant with expertise in all aspects of modern marketing and experience, building alignment between Marketing and Editorial teams to support author submission and author experience use cases.

What We Did

Our journey began with a comprehensive analysis of the organization’s aspirations in contrast to its current state. This involved conducting in-depth interviews, evaluating the competitive landscape, and reviewing the current marketing strategy and approach, performance metrics, and infrastructure. Armed with this “as is” assessment, we developed actionable recommendations.

To ensure those took root and evolved effectively, we conducted a series of collaborative workshops that fostered agile decision-making and provided training. We augmented our recommendations with in-depth playbooks that provided marketing with implementation advice and best practices. A pivotal aspect of our engagement revolved around co-creating tangible work products that propelled the implementation of our recommendations, including prioritized roadmaps, refined job descriptions, cross-functional RACIs, and journal treatment menus to guide the marketing team’s transformation.


The CEO and cross-functional leadership came together to walk through the prioritized multi-year marketing transformation roadmap and ratify the recommendations. This process provided a roadmap for future growth behind which everyone at the organization is rallying. The marketing team is more confident and focused on its priorities, and the co-creation and playbooks have been particularly useful in accelerating implementation. We have been asked to continue to help CSP on its marketing transformation journey through advisory services and developing a campaign planning model.

"It was a privilege to collaborate with Clarke & Esposito on this project. The entire process was refreshingly practical, setting them apart from other consultants I’ve worked with. Their extensive knowledge in marketing and publishing created the perfect synergy.

C&E’s dedication to understanding our company's unique needs, team dynamics, and distinct market positioning was evident throughout the engagement. This deep understanding informed their tailored recommendations, ultimately enhancing the quality of their service and the guidance they provided. It was a truly positive and inspiring experience.”

Kristina Henrikson

Director, Marketing and Communications at Canadian Science Publishing