Building an Integrated and Aligned Marketing Campaign Framework

NEJM Group

Marketing and Customer Experience (CX)

Helping newly centralized marketing and CX team strategically plan, prioritize, and report on campaigns.


Campaign planning is one of the most important pillars of modern marketing. The NEJM Group retained Clarke & Esposito to add more rigor and visibility to their campaign planning processes. While there was cross-team alignment around operational planning, there was an opportunity for greater cross-team strategic planning.

What We Did

C&E audited the current campaign strategy and processes. We recommended a new campaign classification and prioritization architecture that reflected NEJM Group’s strategy. In addition, we built a relational database to capture campaigns. The database is the basis for reporting, strategic decision-making, and cross-team collaboration. To ensure a smooth rollout, we created a training manual, recommended process change, and assisted with the internal change management journey.


The Managing Director of Marketing & Customer Experience and the Director of Digital Marketing Operations immediately recognized the value of C&E’s campaign planning model and framework. This new approach to campaign planning is pivotal to NEJM Group’s larger marketing transformation, providing unprecedented visibility into campaigns and improving efficiency. The client sees campaign planning as a core foundational pillar to improve campaign metrics, drive strategic alignment, and serve the organization’s broader customer experience agenda.