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Marketing Strategy & Transformation

To fully capitalize on the power of modern marketing, organizations need to modernize their marketing strategy, processes, organizational design, and technology. It is more critical than ever for marketing teams to build strategic planning and marketing operations infrastructures. At Clarke & Esposito, we help organization’s assess their current marketing function and recommend marketing strategies that deliver value.

Services include:

Marketing Audit: How does your marketing and communications operation map to the capabilities and skills needed to succeed in today’s market? Is your marketing strategy aligned with broader organizational aims? Do you know what is working well and what needs to be improved in your marketing team and strategy?

Marketing Transformation: Is your marketing operation optimized for maximum revenue and efficiency? Do you have a practical roadmap that addresses strategy, organizational design, technology, data/metrics, and core processes? Is your marketing strategy integrated across marketing and communications? Do you need a partner to help you build the vision, strategy, and business case? Could you use support leading the transformation and change management process?

Modern Operations and Organizational Design: Could your organization benefit from a Marketing Operations (MOPs) core that drives efficiency, collaboration, and improved customer experience? Do you want to achieve the benefits of centralized marketing but retain the control and focus of decentralized marketing? Do you want your marketing team to be more collaborative, skilled, and agile?

Outsource vs. Inhouse: Do you need help determining what resources and tasks should be done inhouse versus contracting external resources, such as agencies, freelancers, and other outsourced services?

Efficiency Focus: & Portfolio Optimization: Are you looking to reduce the cost of marketing? Does your marketing and communications program align with your organizational priorities? Do your resources and effort map to the right priorities? Are you maximizing automation and other cost savings strategies? Would a focused efficiency review free up resources and spending?

Marketing’s Impact on the Broader Organization: Do you want to understand the impact of a modern marketing transformation on the whole organization? How does a modern marketing team impact Product, Sales, and Digital teams? Are you cross-functionally structured for optimal success & efficiency?

Marketing Mix Modeling: Are you utilizing the right mix of marketing channels? Are you using the right channels to effectively reach and engage with your customers and to develop new audiences?

Marketing & Customer Analytics: Does Marketing collect and measure the data that matters? Are data and analytical insights driving business decisions? Can predictive analytics help you spot new customers, authors, and other opportunities?

Executive Prioritization—Where to Start in Marketing Transformation:  One of the biggest challenges in starting a marketing transformation, is achieving cross-functional alignment on the top priorities and value-drivers. Does your organization need help in knowing where to start?

Society Marketing Alignment with Publishers: Are you a society that has recently moved from self-published to working with a commercial publisher? Do you want to adapt your marketing strategy to maximize synergies and drive publisher performance?