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Open Access and the Library

While the concept of Open Access (OA) is simple, the strategic and operational implications are often complex. There is no single approach to OA — each organization comes with different communities, expectations, and objectives. What is universal is the need for professional and academic content to be supported by policies that make sense for the communities served and carefully calibrated, sustainable business models. C & E can help by helping you answer these and other questions:

  • What are the implications for us of Plan S and other funder mandates? Is Plan S compliance important for our publications?
  • Is there an opportunity for us to develop a new Gold OA journal? Is such a journal feasible given our financial, editorial, and community goals?
  • Is our portfolio a good candidate for a flip to OA? How do we model such a transition and how would we operationalize it?
  • Is Publish and Read (or Read and Publish) a viable model for our portfolio? What about Subscribe to Open? What alternative OA models exist that we might consider?
  • Are our APC prices and license options appropriate for our discipline, market, and portfolio?
  • How do we track and manage compliance with the growing array of funder mandates?


Services related to open access include:

New OA journal development

Assessment of “flipping” journals to OA

Financial modeling and analysis

APC pricing

OA policy review and development

“Transformative agreement” analysis

Editorial transfer/cascade development

OA strategy workshop

OA book strategy