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Marketing Planning & Agency Services

Marketing Planning: 

Are you looking to launch a new product? Are you introducing new business models or entering a new channel, category, or market? Do you understand the market and customer dynamics? Do you have a robust go-to-market marketing strategy and plan?

At Clarke & Esposito, we create innovative multi-channel marketing plans that grow brand and awareness, build and engage community, and deliver high business results. 

Campaign Planning:

Do you wish to develop a campaign and marketing planning strategy that drives collaboration across your entire organization? Do you want to move from digital marketing activities to integrated campaign and marketing planning?

Campaign Planning services help organizations develop campaign planning infrastructures, classify and structure campaigns for reporting, and build campaign benchmarks and analytics. Whether done manually or in a tool, campaign planning is at the heart of an efficient and high-functioning marketing team. 

Marketing Services: 

Clarke & Esposito now offers agency and marketing implementation services for organizations that need support with marketing implementation.