Workshops and Facilitation

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Leading informed and productive discussions can be a challenge, whether in person or virtually (or both). Clarke & Esposito can help you facilitate the crucial decision-making process, level-set knowledge, and work through challenging organizational problems.

Whether providing support for your board of directors or bringing your team together to address a strategic need, our services are always tailored for the audience and issues at hand. We design all workshops and facilitated sessions around clear and actionable outcomes and benefits that last beyond the meeting’s end. Explore our workshops and facilitation services:  

  • Strategic & Business Planning Workshops—Engage and educate your team around strategic and operational planning, product development, or a deep dive on a specific business challenge.
  • Marketing Workshops—Are you interested in learning more about modern marketing? Marketing workshops offer opportunities to learn about new areas of marketing. In addition to learning objectives, select workshops facilitate collaborative decision-making.
  • Board Meeting & Board Retreat Facilitation—A successful board meeting or board retreat can hinge on planning and facilitation. An outside facilitator can provide space for fruitful discussion on the topics of greatest importance to your organization.
  • Editor and Editorial Board Workshops and Facilitation—Editorial board meeting facilitation and workshops oriented to the needs of Editors-in-Chief and the editorial team.

Have an idea for a workshop that you do you do not see listed here? Let us know and we are are happy to work with you to develop a workshop suited to your needs and challenges.