Partner Selection and Assessment

Publishing Services Agreement RFPs | Technology Service Selection | Contract Negotiation

Choosing the right publishing partner or vendor — or re-evaluating a current one — is a critical decision. It is a time-consuming process that requires expertise in discovery (asking the right questions), analysis (clarifying proposal language and financials), and negotiation (leveraging the best deal). It requires knowledge of the specific industry options, as well as knowledge of the broader industry issues. It is more than simply project management; it is about strategic insight and ensuring the future of your organization.

We can help.

We have proven experience in creating successful partnerships. Our clients have benefited from the weight of our experience, our comprehensive yet streamlined RFP processes, and our ability to navigate governance processes, facilitating better strategic understanding (and decision-making) at the board level. We design partner and vendor selection processes that are more effective, less burdensome, and result in better outcomes.

We can do the same for your organization, whether you are looking to select or to re-evaluate a publishing partner or a technology platform, or simply need a review of your publishing contract to ensure it is optimized for your organization’s current needs and future plans. Our services include:

  • Publishing Services Agreement RFPs — Designing and managing a process to find right partner, and secure the right contract terms, to best position your publications for success now and in the future.
  • Contract Negotiation — While you may have the right partner, do you still have the right terms? As circumstances change, contract terms may need to be renegotiated. We bring our market knowledge and experience to bear to help our clients secure favorable terms.
  • Technology Service Selection — Whether conducting an RFP, issuing an RFI, or contemplating a build-buy decision, we can help you assess your options and select the best solution.